Facetime vs Facebook

Facebook vs. Facetime

I do the marketing day at the 10-day training. One slide says “The further away you or your marketing is away from direct contact with the end user - the lower the conversion rate and/or the longer you will need to run the campaign …”

The next slide shows a graphic of a man and woman shaking hands in an apparent business deal … and way, way, way over the other side is a man at a desk. Every marketing medium available for coaches to use is then either put nearer to the people doing the deal, or nearer to the person behind the desk.

Guess where social media sits?

If you guessed above the man behind the desk – then you would be right.

Your business network may have hundreds or even thousands of “friends”, but really, it is the people you have spent quality time with that are most engaged with you, and your business coaching business.

Getting out to trade shows, seminars and conference requires a lot more time, effort, and cost than updating your status. But as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

Face to face meetings and networking provide high quality, loyal, contacts, customers and associations. Why do you think the President of the United States spends so much time running around the country, to town meetings and the like, to sell his latest programs? Because nothing works as well as meeting people in person. Offline networking is critically important to growing and maintaining an effective network of prospects, as well as loyal customers.

The best way to meet new customers and make an impact in your marketing, is to attend seminars, trade shows and conferences. By getting out of your office, and showing up in person, you have the opportunity to learn the latest techniques in your field as well as making new customers, associates and business friends. You have the rare chance to explain your business and products to people that care enough to spend the time and money to attend events.

Online provides great opportunities for networking and marketing your business, but don’t let that replace spending time with real people away from your office. Both on and offline networking have a place in your business plan, but 80% of your database should include people who you have met face to face.

So do a self-audit of your time. How many hours did you spend behind your desk last week? How many “friends” did you make online versus online? If you are wasting daylight (business hours) tweeting, or updating your social media status rather than going out and shaking the hands of business leaders in your community – your business will not reach its full potential.

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