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Creative thinking tools

Helping business owners move their businesses forward often involves getting them to think differently - to look at challenges, bottlenecks and problems through new lenses to get that different perspective that leads to great light-bulb moments and essential breakthroughs.
Here are a few tools that have helped me over the years.

Challenge assumptions: For every situation, [...]

Why is it so hard to be specific?

Over the past week or two the number of times I’ve had to ask people to be specific about something has been quite an eye opener. Knowing what you want, when you want it and in what measure not only means you can take appropriate, focused and timely action, but so can other people around [...]

Whether you think you can, or that you can’t, you’re probably right

Off the back of some recent seminars and client events it struck me how difficult many people find setting themselves stretching and motivating goals, be they personal or financial in nature.
Business owners complain how difficult it is to plan anything, and that forecasting is a waste of time because everything changes all the time anyway, [...]