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Global Conference BFO’s - Part 1

Here are a few things you can apply to improve your performance and the success of your business:
1. Have the one primary goal you are working on up on your wall (and your coach’s wall), in front of you until it is accomplished.
2. Many of us think about the new things we should start doing, [...]

Become a subject expert on LinkedIn

When you answer specific questions under the Answers tab in LinkedIn, other users vote on your answers.  Given enough positive votes/comments, you can become an expert in the subject.
Be careful to be subject selective and focused.

What, exactly is a business coach?

While on the golf course yesterday, one of my playing partners asked “What the heck is a business coach?”  He told me he had never heard of business coaching.  It turns out that I get this question a lot, so here is my answer:

A Business Coach is an EDUCATOR - we identify our client’s business [...]